3pcs Wheel Rim 8.5*20 Trilex model

3pcs Wheel Rim 8.5*20 Trilex model

3pcs Wheel Rim 20 Trilex model

OEM NO : 650410355
L.R   CODE: 300102


In addition to selecting wheels rim with the correct bolt circle and rim width, you must also choose a
wheel with the correct offset. Offset is a measurement that most people in
the tire business know something about, but many do not fully understand. Simply stated, offset is the measured
difference between the wheel’s mounting face where it bolts up to the hub and the centerline of
the rim.In other words, when the mounting face
directly aligns with the wheel rim’s centerline, the wheel has
zero offsets. When the mounting face is toward the wheel rim’s streetside, the wheel has positive
offset. Negative offset occurs when the mounting face is closer to the brake side of the wheel rims
The offset of the rim is what locates the tire/wheel assembly in relation to the suspension. Front
wheels usually have positive offset. Front wheel rim 20 drive vehicles have high positive offset wheels,
which allow for proper clearance of the hub assembly within the
wheel rims well.On front wheel rim or all wheel drive vehicles, it is important to keep the front axle offsets to the
factory designed specifications. Offsets that do not meet these specifications can increase steering
effort, steering wheel kickback when acce
lerating around a turn and load on the wheel bearings.
Using the proper positive or negative offset at the rear of the vehicle is important, but less so than
using it at the front where the bearing load situation is critical.
Negative offset wheels also a
ffect a vehicle’s handling. At the rear of the vehicle, they can
increase its track, improving stability and handling. Excessive negative offset increases steering
wheel kick
back an places additional stress on wheel rim 20 bearings and th4e vehicle’s suspension


26 April 2022


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