3pcs Wheel Rim 8.5*24 Trilex model

3pcs Wheel Rim 8.5*24 Trilex model

3pcs Wheel Rim 24 Trilex model

OEM NO : 650410357
L.R   CODE: 300101

The price, strength, weight, and overall performance of th
e wheel rim or wheel rim 24 are directly related to the
manufacturing technique employed to make it. The most common and least expensive method of
wheel rims manufacturing is gravity casting, where molten metal is simply poured into a mod and
allowed to cool and harden. This syst
em works well, but requires the wheel to be heavier and
thicker to compensate for porosity in the metal.
 There are pressurized casting methods, which place the molten metal under pressure or vacuum to
“compress” the metal, reducing porosity and increasing
strength. Obviously, this is more expensive than gravity casting, but produces a lighter, stronger wheel rim.
orging is the most expensive and highest quality, method of making a wheel. In this case, a solid
piece of metal is heated and forged, or wheel rims compresse
d, under millions of pounds of pressure. This
method produces extremely strong, dense wheels, which can be made lighter because less
material is needed for the required strength. A variation of forging called roll forging takes a
rough cast rim and forges it into its final shape while rolling, netting the effect of strength with
less material and lighter weight.The size of the wheel rim determines how much space there is between the wheel rims and the brake rotor.
By moving up to a larger diameter wheel there wi
ll be more room for airflow around the brakes
and therefor better cooling.
The weight of the wheel is an obvious issue. The heavier the wheel rim that prodoct by iran, the more mass the brakes
have to slow down, therefore the more heat build up there will be. The mass is not only
important in terms of the overall weight of the vehicle, the rotational inertia of the wheel rims goes up with more
weight as well, causing even more work for th4e brakes.
The wheel design is critical for airflow around the brakes. A closed wheel design will
keep the air from circulating around the brakes, decreasing brake cooling. Open designs will allow more
airflow. However, all open designs are not the same when it comes to airflow around a rotating
wheel. It is virtually impossible to know which one is be
tter just by looking. Materials such as aluminum transfer heat faster than steel, helping to keep the air around the
brakes cooler. This is a relative small part of the equation, but it is a factor.


26 April 2022


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